Adam Hutchinson, 1873 – 1925

He wrote four Hymns which are in our book: #117, “Distant Land of Famine;” #243 “Upon a Lonely Mount;” #363 “Jesus Trod the Pathway;” and #377 “How Real to Know.”

Adam Hutchinson was born September 10, 1873 in Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland. He worked with his father in the blacksmith trade for a few years. He was also quite involved in religious activities before he heard the Gospel in 1900 through George Walker and Albert Quinn. Adam began in the work in 1902, and the following year had meetings in Cantreel, Ireland. Wilson Reid heard the Gospel in Adam’s meetings that year. In September 1906, Adam and 15 other workers boarded a ship for South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Eight of them got off in South Africa, four went on to Australia, and Adam and three others went on to New Zealand. In early 1908, Adam and a companion went to South Australia and started the work there. He also had about 5 years in Tasmania before going to South Africa in 1921. From there he went to Madras, India in the spring of 1922. He conducted some pioneering missions alone in various cities until he was joined by Colin Watt a year later. In late 1924, he and Alex Leadbetter traveled to Burma, where they began meetings near Rangoon. However, he very soon contracted smallpox, and died January 19, 1925. His grave is still tended by friends there.