A Testimony from Greece

[story told by George Walker]


Apparently, Greece was a hard country for the work to get into, actually forbidden. A man told George this story about his father who lived in Cyprus:


He wasn’t satisfied with the Orthodox Church and began praying that if God had a true way, He would show him. He didn’t know if God even heard him, but he kept praying anyway.


Far away in Australia, there was a worker who was born of Greek parents and knew the language. He felt God was moving him to go to Greece and Cyprus, so he talked to the older workers about it.


They checked it out, but the Greeks would not allow any missionaries to come there.


The man in Cyprus kept praying and the worker kept feeling moved. He tried again–this time he said he was Greek and had relatives living in Cyprus and would he be allowed to come visit his relatives, but not as a Missionary?


They checked the laws and said it would be okay, so he went. He got to the town where his relatives lived and wondered what to do besides visit them. He felt God had something for him to do. He heard of a little group that was studying the Bible–they were orthodox, so it was legal, but were trying to learn more. He thought he’d go see what it was about. The man who had been praying was in this group. The worker went in and sat down right beside the man who had been praying, not knowing this.


As they all studied and asked and answered questions, the worker answered questions without using a Bible and the praying man could see this man was different. He wanted to talk more, so the worker asked him if he could come to his home. He did and, as he gave his testimony, the praying man said, “This is what I’ve been praying for.”


The son told George that his father can hardly take it in–how he prayed, not knowing if the Lord even heard him. The Lord heard and sent the only worker in the world that they knew of who could go into Greece legally.


He was from a long, long way away. When the worker came, he came right to the little study they were having and sat down right beside him!


George was at the convention with them, but the father doesn’t speak English. The son does…….isn’t this a confirmation of the power of prayer?