Tom Young – Leprosy – Thoona, Victoria, Australia Convention – 2004

Mat.10:8 It says Cleanse the leper, it never says heal the leper, but heal the sick and raise the dead etc. 2Cor.7:1 Let us cleanse ourselves of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. He didn’t say “You should cleanse yourself”, but “Let us”. In spiritual leprosy there’s an unclean additive. They loose feeling. A … Read more

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Tom Young – Airdrie Special Meetings – Morning Meeting, 2006

It has been wonderful to get back to this field again where I have worked in the past and it’s wonderful to see so many of you still plodding on.  It’s so very encouraging.  I was thinking of some special events that I have never forgotten.  The first is when I professed in Didsbury in … Read more

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Tom Young – There is Hope for Everyone – Oak Lodge – 2008

Just a few thoughts from what Tom Young, a preacher from Manitoba, Canada, told us last Friday night. He said we sometimes hear people say, “We met some very nice people recently, they are the type of people that should be professing.” We do not always like to hear this, because it is often those … Read more

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Your Way Is So Different (Poem)

“Your way is so different; Your way is so strange.” How often I want to tell them, “Jesus was the same.” An outcast in His own land, A foreigner among the throng, Only God had the strength To keep Him so strong. Alone in the world, One thought never left His mind, “It is for … Read more

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