Doyle Copeland – Timothy – March 2009

Our study of Timothy has been a good one. We first read of him in Acts 16 as a certain disciple, of a professing mother, but his father was a Greek. He was well reported of by the brethren who knew him, a good testimony. From [II Tim 1:5] we read of the unfeigned faith … Read more

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Doyle Copeland – Genesis 11 and Babel

Genesis 11:1 says the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. This is God’s ideal. This could be referring to everyone speaking the same language, but I doubt that, for chapter Gen10:5 shows different tongues prior to this. Our God likes unity, 6 times in John 17 Jesus prayed that His disciples … Read more

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Doyle Copeland – Dreams – June 15, 2006

(Doyle’s age: 90 years) I enjoyed what we heard about the Promised Land, and I enjoyed hymn 306 in regard to the Promised Land our God is still giving to His people. Hebrews 11:13 says these all died in faith not having received the promises, but having seen them, and were persuaded of them and … Read more

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Doug Neale – Western Australia Convention – January 1932

I Kings 22, the finish of Ahab’s life. Three years without war between Israel and Syria. How long would we go on without fighting against the enemies of our soul? When God could no longer use Saul’s life, He left him to be a tool to shape the life of David. Joseph schooled in difficulties. … Read more

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Doug Morse – Believe – Milltown, Washington Convention – 2010

On Friday afternoon while I was sitting alone in our tent between meetings, I saw the sun shine on one of the tent poles and create a shadow that looked just like a ship with masts and sails. It reminded me that our ministry is a Christian Fellowship, as in a fellow-“ship.” Today as our … Read more

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II Corinthians 2:11 ….for we are not ignorant of his devices……. “Doubt” is one of Satan’s devices. To sow unbelief is one of the best arms in his arsenal. Doubt the Word of God or the Bible is not for today, or the Scriptures don’t mean what they say. Satan used such in the Garden … Read more

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Dorry Penny – Watch

“We ourselves a watch are keeping.” Our Master encouraged us to watch. Habakkuk. Chp 2 v1. Stand upon the watch. Set me upon the tower. When I’m reproved. We must have a watchtower in our own lives. When we are reproved, human reaction is the first one. Correction is not rejection nor punishment. God corrects … Read more

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