Early Days on Prince Edward Island

1907–Passenger service to P.E.I. was a boat from Pointe du Chene, New Brunswick to Summerside. When the workers arrived, that very same evening they preached on the street corner in Summerside. Then spent the night in the Police Station, which was common for travelers who had no place to stay. They were Willie Snedden from … Read more

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Dorry Penny – Watch

“We ourselves a watch are keeping.” Our Master encouraged us to watch. Habakkuk. Chp 2 v1. Stand upon the watch. Set me upon the tower. When I’m reproved. We must have a watchtower in our own lives. When we are reproved, human reaction is the first one. Correction is not rejection nor punishment. God corrects … Read more

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Dorry Penny – First Oak Lodge – 1993

I would just like to say how much we have appreciated being invited to this land, to be among you all. As I was thinking of having a part in this meeting, I found a little coming into my mind that is recorded in Ezekiel. No doubt you have heard it spoken of before, it … Read more

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Derek Perry – Walla Walla, Washington Convention – 2018

It pays to serve Jesus. It pays to lay up treasure. It pays to die daily.” “Help us sing along the pathway when the deeper cost we meet.” It pays because God is with us! The deeper cost – when it costs, God will help us! The days between – how are we going to … Read more

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Debbie Peterson – Olympia 1, Washington Convention – 2018

What is my responsibility, and what is not? If I become consumed with things that are not my responsibility, it robs me of the strength to do things that are my responsibility.   Matthew 25:1, “Then shall the Kingdom of Heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet … Read more

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Brother Worker – Prayer – South America – 2003

In Luke 11, when Jesus finished praying, one of His disciples asked, “Teach us to pray.” Even His example in prayer accomplished something. It moved those disciples to want to learn more. I know the prayers of my parents did much for me. The same is true with my companions. One time it was going … Read more

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Bertha Dewall – Testimonies of Averil and Jacqueline Perlmutter

The workers first came to South Africa in the early 1900’s, and to Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in 1920. About 1923 in a tent meeting in Salisbury (now Harare), a Mr. and Mrs. Sim, and Mrs. Sim’s youngest sister, eleven-year-old Bertha de Waal, decided. Bertha’s parents were Dutch Reformed people, and her father was bitterly opposed … Read more

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Bernie Pheiffer – The Coin – East London Special Meetings

Bernie read from Matthew 22:17, “Tell us therefore, what thinkest Thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?” The coin had Caesar’s inscription on it. He said, “A penny doesn’t have much value, but it has buying power because of the image of the king impressed on it. A blank coin is … Read more

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