Debbie Green – Serima Zimbabwe Convention – 2006

Hymn 32   Deuteronomy 2, we read in this chapter about the journeys of the Children of Israel. God had led them out of Egypt and was leading them now through the wilderness, over the mountains, and the hills into the Promised Land. A few times in this chapter God said to turn. They had … Read more

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Convention Gems – Milford, New Hampshire – 2013

Judgment is God’s mind on the matter.   Our God is a God of a second chance.   We reap what we sow – a promise not a threat.   A little from God is a lot.   You can’t get further than a conclusion: “Let’s hear the conclusion of the whole matter ………………..”   … Read more

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Convention Gems – 2006  

Cleansing comes from the water of the Word; but water can’t clean us unless we apply it. We can also be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. It gets places we can’t even reach.   There’s a difference between something that is fun and something that brings you joy. Sometimes when you miss out … Read more

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Convention Gems – 2004

So many uplifting and inspiring thoughts were shared in the convention meetings in S. A. that I hardly know which ones to share!! It touched all our hearts to hear one of the older brothers speaking about the day Jesus returned to His Father in Heaven; His disciples were watching Him as He rose up … Read more

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Clem Geue – Sharing about Sam Jones – 1978

Written as it was spoken by Clem Geue. (Hymn numbers are updated to the 1981 English edition.)   It goes back to the years of 1850, ’51 and ’52, when there was a big migration of Germans, people from Germany, over to South Australia, and they settled in communities in various areas and they gave … Read more

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Charles Preston Glencoe – Jesus’ Ministry – 1979

I would like to refer to some of the outstanding ‘must’s in the life of Jesus. In childhood, He said, “Wist ye not, I must be about My Father’s business.” Sometimes we think of the word ‘must’ as a kind of compelling thing, and so it is, but with Jesus, He could not be content … Read more

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