Doyle Copeland – Genesis 11 and Babel

Genesis 11:1 says the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. This is God’s ideal. This could be referring to everyone speaking the same language, but I doubt that, for chapter Gen10:5 shows different tongues prior to this. Our God likes unity, 6 times in John 17 Jesus prayed that His disciples be one. There is strength in unity.

I remember a lesson I learned early in school. A father gave his 7 sons each a stick of wood. He then took these 7 sticks and bound them as one, and asked his sons to try and break it, but of course they couldn’t. Then he gave each son his own stick, and they broke their individual sticks easily. Jesus taught a house divided against itself shall not stand. Abraham Lincoln quoted this from Jesus’ words in one of his speeches.

Though Genesis 11:1 is God’s ideal, this utopian condition did not long prevail. In Gen11:3, they began to say, “Let us,” etc. And they also began to use substitutes – brick for stone, and slime for mortar. In Gen11:4, they went farther astray, “Let us;” again, not taking God into their plans. They wanted to make their own way to heaven, and they saw the need to make a name for themselves. They were not satisfied with God’s name. This is the beginning of denominationalism.

When men are born again, they are born with their Father’s name. They do not have to take a name, or make one of their own. When I was born into the Copeland family, I was born with a name. They saw the worth of unity, they did not want to be scattered, but the course they took automatically separated them.

In Gen11:5, God came down to see this city and tower they were building. He was not satisfied with what He saw. So in Gen11:8, He scattered them, and confused them. Gen11:9, He confounded, or confused them, and they were scattered abroad upon the face of all the earth. This was called Babel, or confusion. And for sure, it’s over all the earth.

Today, if a seeking person would seek for a way to serve God, he would not know which way to turn. He would be in confusion. This is the curse of the religious world of today. We see its effect in Jesus’ day, division of thought. It was strong in Paul’s day, and hindered his labor to proclaim the Gospel. It’s still strong in our day, the number of denominations has multiplied. It may be strong, but its days are numbered, it will not last forever. God is still on the Throne.

Gen11 shows its beginning, Rev18 tells of its end. In [Rev18:1] we read of a mighty angel coming down from heaven, and in Rev18:2, he cries mightily, “Babylon is fallen!!” Rev18:3 says, “All nations have drunk of her fornication.” Rev18:4 brings in another voice, “Come out of her, My people.” Rev18:12-13 tell of her merchandise, gold is first on the list and the souls of men are last on her list. Rev18:17 says, “In one hour, so great riches is come to naught.” I’m not sure if this hour is what we think of as an hour, but for sure it’s going to be effected in a short period of time.

I’m so thankful for the Scriptures giving us such a clear picture of confusion, or religious denominationalism. Rev19 tells of the true Bride coming into her rightful place. Rev19:1-6 are the true alleluia chorus, sung by the true Church, the rightful Bride. She comes into her rightful place only after the false bride is properly disposed of, as Rev19:6 says, “The Lord God omnipotent (absolute and universal) reigneth.”

I once heard the Mormon choir singing the Hallelujah chorus, and it was most beautiful. But a far greater chorus that we read of in Rev7:9-10 is singing this song of praise, singing in the Spirit, and with deep feeling in their hearts, making a melody beyond human comprehension, that will be well pleasing to our God and His Son.