Larry Greenaway – Diamonds – August 15, 1999

Malachi 3:16-17, “Then they that feared the Lord spoke often one to another, and the Lord hearkened, and heard it and a book of remembrance was written before Him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon His name. ‘And they shall be mine,’ saith the Lord of host, ‘In that day when … Read more

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Account of Gospel coming to Traytown, Newfoundland in 1912

James Patrick and John Verge came to Traytown in 1912, had use of a little house for meetings from Charles Kean on a point of land later bought by Hedley Patten. They had a few meetings there, and then the people got up against them and drove them away. When we saw Jimmy in 1934, … Read more

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In acceptance lieth peace. Oh my heart be still, Let thy restless worries cease And accept His will. Though this test be not thy choice, It is His – therefore rejoice. In His will, there cannot be Ought to make thee sad. If this is His choice for thee, Take it and be glad. Make … Read more

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Abraham – Genesis 22

Here are a few thoughts. And by no means is this a full summary or understanding of the events that take place in this chapter. This chapter is one of the most important chapters of the Old Testament, but also one of the least understood! Why? It’s simple. Let’s slow down a little! When we … Read more

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Abey Petkoon – Testimony of a Jewish Friend

This testimony is of our dear friend Doctor Leo Petkoon’s father, uncle Abey Petkoon. Leo lives in Benoni, South Africa and is in his early 70s. This was sent to me from the USA, not knowing that it was the testimony of a very near acquaintance’s father. How wonderful that after 100 years, a living … Read more

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Adam Hutchinson – Letter – Madras, India – July 21, 1922

My dear Brothers and Sisters, All your letters were very welcome and was glad to hear from you all and trust you will all strive to be worthy of the Name you bear, so that His Name will be glorified and magnified among men. It’s a daily battle and means beginning the day well with … Read more

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Adam Hutchinson – Forest Range, South Australia – May 6, 1912

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Glad to have yours to know that more were willing to give their hearts to God. I will make this do for them as well, seeing we are all one Family. Hope all who have decided have cut every bridge. One of the main things in a race is a … Read more

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Adam Hutchinson, 1873 – 1925

He wrote four Hymns which are in our book: #117, “Distant Land of Famine;” #243 “Upon a Lonely Mount;” #363 “Jesus Trod the Pathway;” and #377 “How Real to Know.” Adam Hutchinson was born September 10, 1873 in Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland. He worked with his father in the blacksmith trade for a few years. He … Read more

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